Siedziba firmy

High Quality

25 years on the market

Grzegorz Jakóbczak

For over two and a half decades, we care about the high quality of our services. We carefully select the materials used to manufacture our products. We operate with full commitment and care at every stage of the production process. Our experienced staff and procedures guarantee quality and timeliness. Thanks to the appropriate Epal licence, we can offer our contractors euro-pallets – which are a size standard used in the European Union countries


High performance


In our company PPHU Grzegorz Jakóbczak, we focus on the automation of production processes. The largest investments in recent years have been focused on self-propelled wood chippers with the highest efficiency on the market for wood biomass. In our organization, biomass plays an important role, at the same time we develop other branches of activity in order to be able to meet more of our customers’ needs and be more competitive on the market. It is for this reason that employment in our company is constantly growing despite increasing work automation.


Poland and EU

Timely delivery

Our company is proud of the self-sufficient transport of our products. Thanks to a large transport fleet, we are able to transport: wood, pallets, chips, pellets, bark, sawdust, fireplace wood, and roof truss. Our deliveries are timely and precisely planned as to the hourly notifications of our recipients. We have all the necessary documents to carry out transport in Poland and the EU.