ecological pellet


Pellets are ecological fuel, which is an alternative to traditional fuels such as heating oil, coal or gas. It is characterized by a low content of moisture, ash and substances harmful to the environment, as well as high energy value. Our pellets have a higher calorific value than wood. It reaches up to 20MJ / kg. Our product has granules with a diameter of 6 to 25 mm. During production, it is dried, milled and pressed. The main advantage of pellets is comfort, convenience and cleanliness during its use, it is a renewable energy source, and pellets are burned in maintenance-free boilers. Our ecological pellets are mainly available for wholesale.

wood pellets

One of three types of wood pellets produced by us is an ecological and modern alternative to fuels traditionally used for heating companies or apartments. Pellets can be made of various types of biomass. Our company uses secondary products from sawmills. The sawdust is dried and pressed under pressure into small granules, thus obtaining wood pellets. Its calorific value is over 18MJ / kg. Our product has many advantages, including comfort, convenience and cleanliness during its use. It has a low level of carbon dioxide emissions to the environment, because in maintenance-free boilers a minimum amount of CO2 is released. This product is considered a renewable energy source.

straw pellets

The straw pellet produced by our company is a secondary product made of selected cereals. Straw is used to make small granules, which we call pellets. Changing from straw to pellets has many advantages, including: a long burning time compared to other wood products. The pellet granules do not generate dust due to the granulation process which takes place at about 90 ° C. This reduces the risk of various types of fungi and microorganisms. Our pellets are universal and can be used in stoves, boilers or fireplaces. This product is becoming more and more a popular fuel on the Polish market.

sunflower pellets

The sunflower husk pellets produced by us take the form of pressed shells. It is a granulate pressed under high pressure without harmful substances. It is used primarily in the energy and thermal industries. Our product has diameters from 6mm to 10mm and a length of several centimetres. It has a low moisture content (8-12%) and ash content (0.5%). Sunflower pellets are used in generally maintenance-free boilers. Due to its advantages, our pellets become a very competitive fuel.