wood biomass


Wood biomass is the third largest renewable energy source. During production, our company leaves many secondary products that have various applications in farms and industry. Our products are 100% natural and come mainly from conifers. Our offer includes biomass in the form of: sawdust, wood chips and bark.

Wood chips

In our production, forest chips are cut by specialized self-propelled chippers. It is produced from logging branches. It is characterized by a lower moisture content than sawmill chips – from 30 to 50%, which allows them to be burned in typical biomass boilers. It is most often used by power plants to obtain electricity and heat.

sawmall chips

Saw chips are a substitute for bark. It is a post-production waste, which is used for the production of biomass, but not only. Our chips are made by shredding wood with the use of chopping machines. It is produced in our sawmills, has a high calorific value and traces of sand or bark. This raw material is ideal for power plants, production plants, chipboards and pellets. Its measure ranges from 5 to 50 mm. The energy value of the wet chips is approximately 9 MJ / kg and the dry chips approximately 16.5 MJ / kg.


Sawdust is a natural by-product of wood processing. It has traces of bark and sand. As a result, a clean, ecological and solid biomass is obtained. The wood is cut and milled in a sawmill. The energy value of wet sawdust is about 8 MJ / kg, and of dry sawdust – about 15 MJ / kg. These values are approximate numbers because their exact energy value is also influenced by the tree species from which the sawdust is made. The harder the wood, the greater its calorific value. Sawdust is a valuable fuel, which is also ideal for the production of DINplus pellets.


Our company produces bark, which is used, inter alia, in horticulture. It is necessary to maintain moisture and increase soil acidity. Additionally, it prevents the growth of weeds and protects plants against frost. The bark is environmentally friendly. Our company supplies gardening wholesalers and a wide range of individual clients. The realized delivery is in full truck quantities.